6/6 Online Sessions for Creative Dialogue 日本の若者と海外のエキスパートによる創造的な対話のオンラインセッション


This is online sessions where young people in Japan realize their value, possibility and motivation to become active for their creative life.


Observation / ¥1,500

If you are interested in having a creative dialogue in English with an expat and other Japanese young people, this is an amazing chance for you to explore different perspective, to critical of our challenges, and to exchange creative ideas!
One grow up facilitator from abroad and around 10 young people will belong to a group and have online session once a month.

Creative Dialogue
is the process of thinking together to create something new.
is the exchange with the intention of getting to the nub of our challenges and frame our creative questioning around it.
is generating creative ideas around the symptom and not the problem itself.
is a collaborative, and the outcome to be a new sense of mutual understanding each other and ownself.

*Eligible participants*
Young people from Japan between 5 years to 25 years speaking English and are able to participate all and most of the sessions every month.

*Facilitator from abroad*
Expats from different fields join a group and have conversation with the young participants.

If you want to join the online sessions as a youth participant, please click following link and answer the questions to apply for this online sessions.

Free for youth participants
Observers (adults who are interested in observing the sessions) need to pay fee.

URL: http://ptix.at/p078rQ

*Dates and time / Japan time*
First session: 6 June 2020, 8 pm-9 pm
Second session: yet to be determined 2020, 8 pm-9 pm
Third session: yet to be determined August 2020, 8 pm-9 pm
Fourth session:yet to be determined September 2020, 8 pm-9 pm
Fifth session: yet to be determined October 2020, 8 pm-9 pm

*Online meeting app*
We will let you know later

*Cancellation for Observers*

Contact us via e-mail
happinesscatalyst.1@gmail. com
Happiness Catalyst

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