Happiness Catalyst aims to build a better way of learning, working, and living for people


We provide various seminars that can stimulate you if you want to be more creative, more productive, or want to acquire the power to succeed in future society and your life.

What do you want to learn?

What is the best environment for your learning?

What is your child interested in?

When are they exhilarating?

Wouldn’t you love to feel good about going to work?

Do you have a feeling that you are important and that your performance at work makes a difference?

If you know what you like and what makes you feel good, if you enjoy being yourself and accept being different from others, it may help create a flow of happy feelings between you and others.

Happiness Catalyst wants to create opportunities for people to realize their personal wishes and goals.


Co-founder / Joint representative director
Human resource and child care consultant
Personal coach and executive coach
  • Completed an advanced program at the Coaches Training Institute®
  • After university, I worked at an IT company as a system engineer, afterwards I worked at a company that provides business seminars and plan events.
  • I spent most of my private time on NPO international exchange activities (IE). I have also worked at a wedding company in Australia.
  • The experience of joining the Ship for South East Asian and Japanese Youth Programme in 2006 lead me to be interested in human resource development, especially for young talents. Then I made a career move to a company for human resource consultation, facilitation, and marketing.
  • While on maternity leave, I obtained several different qualifications (e.g. psychological counsellor, children’s nurse, childminder, instructor for food education) because I realized my child’s growth every single day and believe in the endless potential of human
  • Now I work as a coach with the motto “believing in undiscovered potentials and making real change”, building on my 10 year experience in developing human resources.
  • Additionally I am a mother of one.

Co-founder / Joint representative director
University of Copenhagen / PhD in Psychology
  • For five years I have been working on research projects focusing on educational approaches and support for children with special needs such as neurodevelopmental disorders, and their well-being.
  • While researching and living in Denmark, I have increasingly focussed on the connection between society and education, especially the degree to which a society accepts diversity and how this can influence the approach to education and creation of environments for children that help provide a healthy growth and happiness.
  • Based on the concept of neurodiversity, I am involved in a research project which explores educational approaches and environments that can enhance some children’s special abilities and let them be recognized as an advantage in future societies, and how schools, companies and society can be suited to children’s and people’s diverse character, ideas, and abilities thus providing better opportunities for innovation.